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Scenic and Event Photography -- Digital and Film Photographic Services

Interpersonal communications involve images as well as words. Bill Fink Communications, LLC offers a wide range of digital and film photography services. It may be for product illustrations, editorial and public relations support, special event documentation or weddings, reunions, conventions and so on.

Please visit our virtual photography gallery, Gallery OnDaLine.  Here you will find photos from a variety of Keweenaw scenes and events, viewable by all, along with a number of wedding, family or business client galleries that may be password restricted.

We will shoot a non-profit organization's special events for a modest fee, under an agreement that stipulates certain promotional requirements on the part of the organizers, and that the images remain the property of us. At the higher end of the fee structure, all participants will have access to download an unlimited number of the original images for their personal use.  In addition, the organization then receives a 20% share of the proceeds from print and photo product sales.  The more particpants buy, the more money the organization makes.  

Bill Fink Communications, LLC has several film and digital cameras and bodies, with a variety of lenses, including fish eye lenses and a special "shift" lens used in architectural photography. Additionally, we have a film scanner, off-camera flashes, and an Epson printer that uses archival quality inks and papers.

For-profit event organizers must pay the hourly rate of $350 for the first hour or portion, and $250 for each additional hour, with similar promotional and photographer ownership stipulations. Full ownership of the "digital negatives" may be obtained for an additional fee. Contact us to review a copy of the event photography contract.

During a special event shoot, a large number of images will be generated. A selection of the "good shots" will be posted on the photo display and sharing web site, the GalleryOnDaLine, linked below. Participants in the event are then able to review the best shots of the event and order a variety of prints and other photo products through the site. The full sized images are used for any prints ordered through the web site.

We are a member of the North American Dispatch Photographers Network.  The Network supplies skilled, professional photographers to cover special "time-critical" photographic needs throughout North America.  We cover the entire U.P.  Rates are $45 an hour, including travel time, with a minimum of 2 hours.  Payment may be made by PayPal or check.  Please check the Network's website for additional information and the locations of other member photographers.


Bill Fink Communications, LLC is proud to be a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and the Society of Sport and Event Photographers. We fully subscribe to their professional codes of conduct.


A late summer harvest of sorts.


A special long telephoto view of the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse and Lifesaving Station.


The cast of Finlandia University Community Theater's April 2005 production of "The Andersonville Trial."


Fall colors behind Lake Bailey, Keweenaw County.


The Copper Harbor Lighthouse tourboat out on the big lake.


The Parade of Nations celebrates the past and present ethnic diversity of the Keweenaw Peninsula.