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Wedding Photography

Bill Fink Communications, LLC offers wedding photography packages emphasizing the "photo journalism" or "documentary" approach to the event. Elaborate lighting and posing setups are avoided in favor of candid, as-they-happen images of this very special event. Formal groupings are still done, but they are not the main emphasis of our work with you.

Our Nikon digital cameras are both single lens reflex (SLR) and electronic view finder (EVF) models.  We bring back-up cameras and flashes to each wedding.  We back-up our memory cards before leaving the site.

We prefer to let you select images and build your own "hard copy" albums, since our emphasis is on capturing the important moments and getting those images up on the web for viewing by you and your family and friends. Frankly, selecting photos to print, printing and building an album are extraordinarily time consuming and create much extra expense for you.  We will direct you to album building services that will use our photos and your wishes to build the album you wish.

CDs containing all images shot (good and bad) serve as your own equivalent of having the digital "negatives." You also receive any actual negatives shot with film. The best digital images, and the best digitized film images, are placed on a web page so that everyone connected with the wedding may view the best images of the event, either picture by picture, or as an automated slide show. This web site permits either open or password protected access, and uses custom printing services to produce long-lasting, high quality prints at nominal costs. Full sized images are download-restricted, but are used in all prints ordered. The gallery of your wedding images normally stays available for about a year after the wedding.

To see a small example of our work and get an idea of the display, follow this link to our virtual gallery of photography,





We will normally take several hundred images during the event -- some will be blurry due to long exposure times and movement of the subjects. We will compile a selection of about 75 to 150 or so "good shots" to place on the web page. These images are usually posted within a few days of the wedding. Images on film are normally available within two weeks or so.  We always bring back-up equipment to the wedding in order to minimize the chances of failing to meet your needs. Ask for a copy of the wedding photography contract for full terms and conditions. Bill Fink Communications, LLC is proud to be a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and fully subscribes to their professional codes of conduct. We also particpate in a number of on-line wedding photography referral services.

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Our "full day" package ($1,750) provides up to 8 hours of coverage.  We also offer an "hourly" package ($350 first hour or portion thereof and $250 each additional hour or portion thereof); photos are posted on the web .  Finally, we offer a "budget" package ($250 first hour and $150 each additional hour or portions thereof) -- the same great photo coverage, but no photos compiled in a "good shots" folder or posted to the web.  2 CDs are sent to the couple about a month after the wedding.    Contact us for full details.

Here is  a wonderful web site produced by a group of fellow professional wedding photographers to explain the details of wedding photography from the consumer's point of view: