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Mgmt Enrichment

The Management Enrichment Program

The Management Enrichment Program of Bill Fink Communications, LLC is an intense, highly customized program aimed at assessing and improving the strategic and operational direction of a company or organization by enriching the interpersonal communication skills of that company’s most valuable asset – its management and employees.

The major steps of the Management Enrichment Program include:

1. Entry interview with CEO, President or Owner.
2. Administer the Team Effectiveness Survey, and review results.
3. Plant tour and orientation to production.
4. Administrative Procedures Overview.
5. Strategic and Annual Performance Planning.
6. Training and development activities.
7. Indivdualized, personal coaching as needed.
8. Additional supervision, leadership and team development activities as needed.
9. Ombudsman services as needed.

Contact us and we will be happy to e-mail you a complete description of the Management Enrichment Program.